Most of us would never consider taking a tour of our own city. Are we avoiding the obvious, though? The blue-sky thinking? Ninety percent of people who take a helicopter tour aren’t from here, meaning we’re the ones missing out on the best way to see our city.


Eric Peterson, from HeliNY, which runs tours from Pier 6 in downtown Manhattan, says, “I never, ever tire of seeing the city this way. You could fly over a volcano in Hawaii and it wouldn’t be any more breathtaking than New York from the air.”


According to Peterson, jaded New Yorkers will likely be spilling out the superlatives. “Locals shouldn’t discount this unique way to see their own city. I rarely see anyone land disappointed,”?he says. “Maybe 1 in 1,000. That’s pretty good odds.”


If you go


Pier 6, East River
Prices start at $149,
plus $12 for fuel fees