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Giant mural pays tribute to Seinfeld

The mural isn't the country's first homage to the popular sitcom.

Seinfeld may be one of America’s most popular sitcoms of all time, but the Australians sure love to celebrate the show about nothing.

After one manopened a George Costanza-themed bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne, last New Year’s Eve, featuring pictures and a menu dedicated to the 90s show, another Australian is paying homage to its unforgettable characters.

A Perth mural artist and illustrator named Paul Deej has reportedly created a giant mural in Mount Lawley showing famous backdrops and moments from the long-running NBC program, including Tom’s Restaurant (the gang’s hangout), Yankee Stadium (George’s employer), his puffy jacket, Jerry's puffy pirate shirt, Kramer’s pimp coat, and supporting characters such as George's parents, the Soup Nazi and Newman.

According toWAToday,Deej’s workis inspired by pop culture, such as movies, comics and hip hop.

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