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Hannah's out with her coworkers at a bar, and she gets so drunk she makes out with strangers right before she vomits. Joe, her sweet, Joseph Gordon-Levitt wannabe coworker, takes her to his apartment to help her wash up.

When she goes back to her apartment, she finds that Adam doesn't mind that she was gone all night because he's so immersed in his script. She tries to have sex with him and he tells her he doesn't want to get all sticky before rehearsal.


Marnie walks into Suchin's gallery wearing a beanie and tells her she wants to help her set up the gallery. "What I really need is an assistant who's more qualified than I am!" coos Suchin. Marnie is presented with the option of being a 24-year-old's assistant. This is where the suspension of disbelief ends, because Korean parents would never bankroll their daughter's gallery.

Later, Marnie and Desi hang out and jam. He plays the guitar and shouts at her to sing because she needs to be more confident. He takes a turn to sing: "I need you in my bed now."

Shoshanna is getting very sick of Jessa and Jasper, who snort lines in her apartment while she tries to study. She concocts a plan.

Hannah tries to visit Adam at rehearsal and gets kicked out by the director. She goes home and Elijah comes by, and they wear bandanas and sit in bed and eat burritos. (What wouldn't we do to have a burrito and gossip sesh in bed with Andrew Rannells?) Jessa and Jasper meet Shoshanna at dinner, where Shoshanna surprises him with a guest: Jasper's daughter.

Hannah's waiting at the Globe bar wearing a blond wing. She sees Adam and says, "Hot night. Summer in the city. Can I join you?" Romantically, he shouts, "The f—?" but then sort of plays along as she sits with him. They role-play, and she asks him what kind of women he likes. "Married sluts like you," he says, and she throws a drink on him, then they take it out into the street. A man intervenes and thinks it's for real and punches Adam. When Hannah says Adam's her boyfriend, the guy tells Adam to break up with her: "She's a f—ing psycho."

At the restaurant, Jessa's boyfriend's daughter tells him she wants him back in her life. She and Jessa argue back and forth and he starts to melt. She holds his hands and says, "You're my father. Please let me help you." She tells him to cut Jessa out of his life because she doesn't seem like a "nice girl." Jessa is abandoned by a loser, again.

Adam and Hannah go back to Marnie's apartment and he says it looks like a s—hole for a hedge funder's wife. Hannah takes her clothes off and is bound up in strappy lingerie — with big ol' cotton panties underneath.

Jessa's out on a stoop smoking a cigarette. She says to Shoshanna, "I hope you're happy." Shoshanna responds that she looks like a junkie.

Hannah tells Adam while they're having sex that she's a high school cheerleader, and he gets angry at her for breaking the narrative. He gets out of bed and they have an argument about how sex isn't the same as it used to be. He tells her he can't do this because he needs to stay focused during the rehearsal process and not deal with this drama. He tells her Ray already said he could stay with him. Adam has treated Hannah's heart like monkey meat again. He leaves.

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