When you have a room full of glamorous and accomplished powerful women you know you’re in for an inspiring night, and that’s exactly what happened at this year’s Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year ceremony. As the night started out with the hilarious James Corden confessing his crush on Hilary Clinton (and every other women in the audience), the glitz and fashion took a backseat to the success stories that are paving the way for this generation of women leaders.

Here, we round up the best quotes of the night.

"I want you to know that at one point we were all fearful to try something new, to take a risk. But look at the payoff that comes from overcoming that fear when fear knocks let faith answer the door." - Robin Roberts

"Our public policies and the way we treat each other should knowledge that the issues of transgender women are women's issues." -Laverne Cox


"No matter how together and confidant the women you see are, don't ever compare your insides to other people’s outsides - you can do it too." - Samantha Powers

"I long for the day that it is not groundbreaking for Indian women to be on television. I long for the day that I am no longer a model minority I am just a minority that is a model." - Mindy Kaling

"To be human is to seek perfection and to find joy in never attaining it. I am still a work in progress and hope to always be." - Lupita Nyong'o

Glamour also announced its new initiative The Girl Project, which will provide girls from all over the world with the support they need to get the education they deserve.

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