Gold Dust Orphans' production of "Snow White and the Seven Bottoms" / Cr: Michael Von Redlich The Evil Queen practicing some evilness.
/ Cr: Michael Von Redlich

In case the title “Snow White and the Seven Bottoms” doesn’t make it perfectly clear, Ryan Landry’s latest is not suitable for children. It’s probably not suitable for adults who don’t appreciate the off-color antics of this incredibly talented, irreverent, gender-bending troupe either.

But for the rest of us, including the legions of Gold Dust Orphans fans who’ve seen everything they’ve done, this is their funniest, slickest, most well-executed production to date. And it’s not even all that risqué.

Landry and company have elevated their trademark lampooning into an art form with first-rate acting, impeccable direction (James P. Byrne) and outstanding choreography (Meredith Langton). But somehow they still maintain the delightful silliness and innocence of a bunch of people playing dress up.


The ensemble has been working together so long the little foibles that befall a live production often become the funniest moments of the performance. On opening night, The Footman’s (Scott Martino) mustache came unglued and he and Prince Charming (Paul Melendy) ran with it in uproarious off-the-cuff banter that left the crowd howling with laughter.

Not that business as usual isn’t a laugh ‘til it hurts experience with the Orphans. As the Evil Queen, Ryan Landry delivers a grand, menacing performance, while Olive A. Nother displays her always impeccable comic timing as The Magic Mirror.

Martino, (who also does the elaborate costumes), is endearing as The Footman, while Melendy’s swishy turn as the Prince makes you glad he doesn’t end up with the lovely Snow White (Jessica Barstis).

As for the Seven Bottoms, there are really only six and while you’ll know their names, it may be the first time you’ve seen their faces. (No spoilers here.)

If you go

“Snow White and the Seven Bottoms”
Through May 18th
Machine, 1254 Boylston St., Boston
$39 - $49

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