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Well, that was fast. Barely a month after marrying longtime fiancée Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston is the subject of speculation that she's pregnant — and with twins, at that — after almost a year of IVF treatments, according to OK! Magazine.

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“It’s heartbreaking to go through all that and still not get a baby at the end of it,” a source says. “Jen was so concerned that it would never happen that she had kind of convinced herself that she’d be happy even if motherhood wasn’t in her future.”

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But apparently — at least according to this very well-informed source — it is. Aniston and Theroux reportedly found out right before their surprise wedding and more recently learned that she's having twins. "Justin was in Texas filming, so she sent him a text with a picture of the ultrasound and joked that they were going to have double trouble."

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Oh, and this source also insists the couple already knows the babies are both girls and have decided on the names Lila and Ava, which is where I realize this isn't so much a "source" as just some weirdo with a really active interior life. Maybe OK! should vet better.

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