A baseball game can be an affordable date option. A baseball game can be an affordable date option.


A new dating survey might bring good news for singles who don’t have a ton of cash.


According to a survey this week from Zoosk.com, an online dating service, the majority of single women say they prefer free dates.


The survey reports that 72 percent of single ladies had a successful date focused around a free activity.


This may be good news for city dwellers, where many free activities, from music to yoga, are available in the summer.


But the cheaper dating only goes so far – 61 percent of both men and women agree that you should not use a coupon while out on a date.

The survey says:

About 64 percent of men say they spend more money on dating during the summer.
But 68 percent of women say they prefer a less expensive date.
And 56 percent of women say dating is less expensive in the summer.

Where to go?

Mademan.com managing editor Steve Mazzuccchi provided these five affordable-dating suggestions:

1. Park or beach. Bring wine, cheese and a blanket.
2. Hiking, biking or another adventure, with the bonus of exercise.
3. Free outdoor entertainment events.
4. Small-time sports can be cheaper, like a minor-league matchup.
5. Home-cooked food, like pasts.