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Stars — they're just like us. At least when it comes to sending people rude emojis, that is. While walking the SAG Awards red carpet, Kate Winslet was asked about which adorable little icons she favors, and she got really into her answer in a really endearing way. Like, really into it. “I always use the poo one! And the chicken,” she explains. “I like the heart -- but then one that looks like the pink heart with even the littler pink heart! I like that one, too!”

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And apparently she's not alone in her emoji habit, as she reveals she received an emoji-only message from “Steve Jobs” co-star Michael Fassbender that morning, though she did find it more than a little confounding. “One of them was a shrimp, and I thought, why is he sending me a shrimp?” she says. “A shrimp one and a martini glass.” I don't know, seems like a pretty reasonable message during Awards Season.

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