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Well, this is certainly a big change from twoweeks ago when Gwen Stefani was all cagey about whether her new single, "Used to Love You," is about Gavin Rossdale — the man she's currently divorcing — or not. In her latest radio interview, with San Diego's 93.3, Stefani lets loose that her entire new album, due out next year, is in fact a breakup album.

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Which is great because as "Tragic Kingdom" proved some (gulp) 20 years ago, that's what she does best. "I would consider it a breakup record," she says. "My cross to bear was to go through these heartbreaks and write songs and help people. My truth is 'Used to Love You.' That's the song. That's what I said, and I feel really fine about sharing that, and I feel honored to share it." See? She's a giver.

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