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Gwen Stefani seems serious enough about this whole relationship with Blake Shelton thing, especially if the latest addition to her life is any indication. But should we be worried that the SoCal punk fashionista is taking things a bit too country?Stefani took to Instagram to show off her new horse. Yes, a horse. Named Halo.

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She refers to the horse (in hashtag form) as the "best present ever," though she doesn't divulge who could have bestowed her with such a lavish gift. We can totally speculate, though, and my speculation is circling a name that rhymes with Shmake Frelton.

My new bunny #bestpresentever hi Halo ?? gx


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She also posted a photo of the poor beast all decked out in country finery, with the unfortunate caption, "Look at my fancy fringe!"

Look at my fancy fringe!! #cantbelivemylife Gx #Halo

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No, Ms. Stefani. Just … no.

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On the brightside, she can't be slipping too far into the country life if she gave her horse a name that immediately gets a Beyonce song stuck in your head, right?

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