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Just because you consciously uncouple from someone doesn't mean you're done having arguments with them — especially when there are children involved. At least, that's the lesson Gwyneth Paltrow is learning in her latest co-parenting battle with ex-husband Chris Martin, who is totally OK with 9-year-old son Moses getting a kid-sized motorcycle, according to Radar Online.

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Paltrow, apparently, is having none of it. Moses "can beg and plead all he wants, but Gwyneth will never buy him a motorized bike. She thinks they're dangerous and has always had an issue with them, even though she's ridden scooters herself over the years and even taken the kids for rides on them," a source says. "It's a point of conflict for Chris, who like to spoil Moses and indulge his fantasies. Still, this is a battle she won't back down from, and she refuses to let him ride a motorcycle or mini-bike — at least until he's old enough to buy it himself."

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Come on, Gwyneth. Chris is clearly just trying to make up for naming the kid Moses. Let him have this one!

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