Jeff Schear/WireImage

We're apparently officially in the age of hacker demands, as those loveable upstarts in Anonymous — the ones with the Guy Fawkes masks and all — have jumped into Iggy Azalea's feud with Azalea Banks, demanding that Azalea make a big public apology to Banks and the #ICantBreathe protestors or suffer the consequences. Just what consequences, you might ask? The group claims to have a sex tape featuring the singer and are threatening to release stills from it if she does not comply. Way to raise the debate, guys.


They went on to threaten, "We have so much s--- on you, your scandal would be bigger than Bill Cosby's," which seems kind of impossible just purely on a fame level. Unless there's millions of people out there who think of Azalea as a paragon of wholesomeness and morality that I don't know about. Last week, Azalea launched a new volley in her ongoing feud with Banks, calling her "a bigot" and "a miserable, angry human being" on Twitter. Fun times.


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