Leaving behind your 20s does something to a man. He takes stock and, if he's Sondre Lerche, releases his entire back catalog on vinyl (for the first time) and issues a live album, "Bootlegs."

Then he hits the road for a four-week retrospective tour that begins in his adopted hometown, New York City, on his 30th birthday.

"The show will be a great celebration with my audience. It feels like a natural way to celebrate it. It's what I do and how I live," says Lerche. "Maybe I'll have a party afterwards."

Then he remembers he has a show in Boston the next night.


"I've got some schedule," he says. "Really, this tour is prolonging the celebration of my 30th birthday for a whole month."

Hitting his third decade, Lerche says, "feels pretty natural. I felt 30 when I was 16. Now it feels like it makes sense," he adds. "And 30 is a good number. I'm looking forward to it."

Another neat life marker is that "Bootlegs" features recordings from his native Bergen, Norway, and various clubs in Brooklyn, where he has lived since 2005. A songbook featuring sheet music for all his songs completes his retrospective.

"The songbook took me years to do because I can't read or write music, so I had to get help from scholarly friends. It all makes for a new and interesting way to look back at my first 10 years without putting out a boring 'best of' album."

If you go

Sondre Lerche with Fancy Colors

Tomorrow, 8 p.m.

Bowery Ballroom

6 Delancey St.

$22, 212-533-2111


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