This week I was fortunate enough to see Har Mar Superstar live. He’s a singular performer who struts with enviable assurance; his confident swagger fills the room. Sean Tillmann has been making sexy electro funk under the Har Mar alias for over a decade. As Har Mar Superstar he infuses R&B with the defiance of a Spinal Tap rockstar and brings it to an indie crowd, creating a genre that is both glam and gross at the same time. But there’s also the fact that he comes from another planet, one inhabited by a dense population of Har Mar lotharios that share his fetish for onstage self-pleasuring and Taylor Dane covers. Har Mar had them all, he is a Superstar.


The artist graced Glasslands’ Williamsburgers with his sexy circus of a stage show. He started out strong, undulating and striding across the stage first in a poncho, then in a tight knit sweater, then stripping down to tank and finally to raw belly. That’s his thing, Har Mar Superstar gets as close to naked as the audience can handle and then he reaches into his undies to pat his package. His denim was removed to showcase underoos-like skivvies and loafers with red sweat socks.



A little background on our steamy friend: Har Mar’s coif and features resemble Ron Jeremy. He developed his signature body hair in Minnesota where he was raised within the vicinity of his namesake, the Har Mar Mall. He now resides in LA and he’s big in the UK. Har Mar duets with Beth Ditto and Karen O on record, Eva Mendes stars in his Tall Boy video. He has wowed late night television. On tour he plays live with a drummer and guitarist but everyone only has eyes for Har. Why all the hullabaloo over a puff-pastry masturbatory pop songster? The man is a force onstage that must be experienced to be understood.