Harry Styles reunited with One Direction for a New Year's Eve concert, but they're onGetty Images
He’s got the hair, the stage presence and the flocks of female fans. There’s just one small problem with Harry Styles’ plan to become a solo artist after One Direction went on indefinite hiatus: his voice.
“People may find it funny Harry needs singing lessons ahead of a solo career, but it’s pretty standard practice,” a source tells Britain's The Sun. “He’s smart enough to realize he needs to learn more about how best to develop his vocal skills.” Apparently, spending five years as part of the biggest boy band in the world was not enough?
Snark aside, Styles, 21, is not the first boy band member who needed a little polish. It took some time for Lance Bass to keep up with J. Timberlake’s popping and locking when *NSYNC was starting out. And the vocal coach, Ron Anderson, counts no less than Adele among his clients. No shame in learning from the best.