Rules (and routines) are meant to be broken. Credit: Heineken Rules (and routines) are meant to be broken.
Credit: Heineken


You may now return to your regularly scheduled life.



Heineken’s summer-long Routine Interruptions campaign, which is ending this weekend, rewarded hundreds of people’s willingness to do unusual things — like following a stranger they met at a bar to a foreign country, or just answering an unknown call — with trips to championship soccer games, exotic locations and exclusive parties.


But it’s not easy to pry people away from their normal lives. A PR involved with staging interruptions said they call between 20 and 40 people in each city to fill a handful of spots. (Check out my first-person account of being interrupted.)

The promotion doesn’t end until Sunday, so sign up, then cross your fingers — and make sure you answer that unknown number.

Even if you’re not among the lucky few interrupted this summer, there’s plenty of vicarious fun to be had in Heineken’s adventure experiments on itsYouTube channel. Maybe it’ll remind you to notice the extraordinary and seize opportunities, even when they seem inconvenient.

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