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While he seemed fine and dandy and up for making fun of himself at the Golden Globes earlier this month, troubling signs of Mel Gibson's past behavior are making a comeback. Take, for instance, this recent trip to the grocery store. I kind of don't even want to get too into the analysis of it, but here's the play-by-play from the other shoppers.

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“Mel went into the Whole Foods store in Thousand Oaks and was stumbling around. He came in with a big white fork in his mouth and he seemed unsteady. He tripped a couple of times and he was telling people he wasn’t really Mel Gibson," a source tells Radar Online. "'How much is this?’ Mel would ask about the same item repeatedly, as if not understanding. Mel was saying he couldn’t find what he wanted and he couldn’t remember what he wanted. He looked like he was going to fall asleep.”

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But not almost asleep enough to spare his fellow shoppers his wrath: “He was extremely rude to people,” the source says. "He wasn’t behaving politely at all and seemed unsteady. Mel went to the checkout line and tried to pay with his credit card but had to insert in three different ways for it to work. He looked like he could fall down at any moment." Fun times, Mr. Gibson. Fun times.

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