Vin Diesel

No one saw his last movie, last year’s “The Last Witch Hunter,” but maybe because it didn’t feature a younger version of him peddling shark toys? A video of just that — from 1994, four whole years before “Saving Private Ryan” — has gone viral thanks to (of course) Reddit. It boasts 27-year-old Diesel rocking what looks like a tooth necklace and boundless enthusiasm about Street Sharks, a line of badass fish who are at least as badass as Dominic Toretto — but definitely not as badass as The Iron Giant.


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Diesel looks generally the same, just a bit thinner and a whole lot chattier. Indeed, this minute-long video features him saying more words than some of his movies — combined, probably. Hear him become a euphonious poet, rattling off wordplay about one shark being a “round mound of pound.” And please please please, screenwriters of “Fast and/or Furious 8,” swipe the line about how another action figure “tenderizes the competition before he eats them.” Hey, whatever gets more people to watch the underrated third “Riddick” movie.