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Charlie Hunnam is very attractive, says words about it

I'm not going to argue, you know?

Charlie Hunnam, star of “Sons of Anarchy,” and now, “Lost City of Z,” is a good looking dude. And because he knows what we want to hear, he's finally opening up about being the prettiest boy at the ball.

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In an interview with InStyle, Roxane Gay — my fave — asks the 37-year-old about how damn fine he is. In response, Hunnam exhibits, what some may call, a shocking show of self-awareness. “It’s both collateral damage and a huge opportunity. I mean, it’s a visual medium, and it makes it a lot easier to get roles if you’re a little easier on the eyes.” Refreshing!

“There will probably be those that still relegate me to being a pretty boy,” he continues. What stunning self-reflection!


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Hunnam also talks about a variety of other things, like how his commitment to method acting is kind of ruining his relationship with his girlfriend, and also about how shakshuka is the new frittata. What a legit dude, am I right?

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