Hilary Swank dating her tennis coach

"Boys Don't Cry" star Hilary Swank has found a new man — her hunky tennis instructor

There's some joke in here about always fraternizing with the help. Oscar-winner Hilary Swank — who previously dated her talent agent — has reportedly now taken up with her "hunky" tennis coach, Ruben Torres. (And those quotes around "hunky" aren't meant to imply that Torres' hunkiness is suspect. That's just how the source described him.)


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"When he first asked her out, she was lukewarm, but after a couple of dates things just got hotter and hotter," a source tells Life & Style. "It's really hard for them to keep it a secret." Not that they haven't been trying, mind you, as the source says that over the course of their three months together they've been "staying away from PDA and only holding hands under the table." Well, so much for that.


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