Hillary and Kylie
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In Hillary Clinton's quest to secure that elusive youth vote, apparently one Jenner sister just isn't enough. While Clinton has already picked up a friendly backing via Instagram by Kendall Jenner, she knows the real prize is Kylie Jenner's support. “Hillary has been really worried about her support with millennials. She has a great relationship with the Kardashians, so her people have been trying to get Kylie Jenner to endorse her," a source close to the campaign tells Radar Online.

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“Hillary is courting Kylie because she needs the help and she thinks it will help her connect to a younger demographic. Kylie is the perfect age to support Hillary now and she has exactly what Hillary needs. She’s 18 and she has over 50 million followers on Instagram. Hillary wants her support. Kylie could be a big influence in the race and Hillary needs all the help she can get.” Sure, but does Kanye West get to weigh in on this deal, too?

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