Executive Chef Franco Barrio has a long list of accomplishments. He trained in Spain, worked for Mario Batali and was the chef at Boqueria and Caliu. Now he's the mastermind behind the kitchen at Barrio 47 in the West Village. Metro caught up with Barrio to get to know him better.

How did you start cooking?

I started cooking a long, long time ago. Back in Peru, my dad was a chef and every Saturday and Sunday we would make breakfast for the whole family. My dad and I bonded cooking in the kitchen. That's what got me started. Then I was trained in Spain and then the French Culinary Institute here in New York.

Tell me about the menu at Barrio 47.


The menu is very much Mediterranean influenced. My background is mostly in French and Spanish cuisine, but I also have worked in places that were 100 percent Italian.

The churros are delicious! Why did you put them on the menu?

There are not too many places that do churros. Everybody loves churros! They fly off the menu. We serve them with dulce de leche and melted chocolate, and I sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top.

What do you eat at home?

Hot dogs.


I'm a sucker for hot dogs. When I'm alone at my house I microwave hot dogs. I don't out of my way to feed myself. I cook simply for myself. When I'm cooking with my girlfriend, though, we'll go out of way to make something nice.

What is it about New York that makes you love cooking here?

I love New York's produce. I love going to the Union Square market. Good produce makes a huge difference in a meal.

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