Ted and the Mother finally meet. Her name is Tracy, by the way. / Credit: Ron P. Jaffe/Fox Ted and the Mother finally meet.
Credit: Ron P. Jaffe/Fox

The ending to sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" met with a little bit of controversy when it aired earlier this year. After finally introducing the titular mother, the show spent all season bringing the two together, only to reveal in the finale that she'd died, and Ted (Josh Radnor) was going to end up with Robin. Those involved may have underestimated the degree to which fans would fall in love with Christin Milioti's mother, or the way some felt cheated by the discovery that Ted would still end up with Robin, even though she wasn't the mother.

Hence, a second option, in which Ted does end up with the mother. The ending was supposed to be released as part of the complete series DVD extras, but some enterprising person has posted what appears to be the leaked ending on Vimeo early. No word from CBS or show creators Carter Bays or Craig Thomas about whether or not it's real, but since the requisite Bob Saget voiceover is in place, it seems like there's a good chance it is the real one. Watch the whole episode below.


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