Maxim’s feature on Elba is a double edge sword of magnificent eye candy and the sad confirmation that the actor won’t be ordering a Martini “shaken, not stirred” anytime soon.

“Take it from the man himself: It’s just not happening,” Maxim writes. “Elba, Idris Elba, will not be the next actor to introduce himself with that famous construction as Ian Fleming’s spy with a license to kill. The oddsmakers have spoken, tipping Damian Lewis to take over from Daniel Craig following this year’s Spectre.”

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Who’s to blame? You.


“The franchise’s fans [Note from Metro: That’s you] have not been shy about their desire to see the producers slide the Aston Martin keys across the bar to Elba, the scrappy kid from working-class Hackney. But in the actor’s estimation, this very attention has all but killed his chances to land the role.”

So let’s all just give it a rest now, shall we?

Idris Elba is officially the first, and likely last man, to be featured alone on the cover of Maxim magazine, which usually only features partially naked women.

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Featuring Elba on the cover of a “straight” men’s fashion magazine is no surprise since Elba is the human manifestation of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.”

He’s just that sexy.

It’s not as though Elba rides on the coattails of his good looks either. The man is a musician, actor, and race car driver. He is essentially everything you aren’t.

Watch a behind the scenes video from Maxim's photoshoot with Elba below:

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