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Iggy Azalea has the best response to rumors she was born a man

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Some stars just ignore all the weird rumors that go around about them, some offer firm but boilerplate denials. And every once in a great while, some find just the right way to brush off the gossip while coming off as awesome in the process. Case in point? Iggy Azalea actually deigned to respond to bizarre rumors that she wasn't always a girl named Iggy. "Wait, so I'm just now reading that I was born a man and my name is Cody?" she posted to Twitter, following up with, "I just don't see myself as a cody. I'm more of a Liam, if I had a penis." You win this round of the Internet, Ms. Azalea.

Oh, and she was understandably worried about how these new revelations would affect her career:

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