Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy shares her incredible journey in her memoir, "On My Own Two Feet."


Don't let haters tell you making New Year's resolutions is pointless. Here's a book that will leave you feeling like you can conquer the world, which is the exact mindset you want to be in when you sit down and think about what you want to accomplish in 2015. Amy Purdy's memoir is about how her near-death experience led to a spiritual awakening and how she has embraced life as a double amputee.

When Purdy was 19, she contracted bacterial meningitis and doctors told her she had less than a two percent chance of surviving. In her memoir, "On My Own Two Feet," which was released Dec. 30, Purdy reveals how she coped with this devastating news and what it was like hovering between life and death in those very uncertain days.

Of course she survived and went on to become Derek Hough's partner on "Dancing With The Stars." But it wasn't an easy road. The book shows how she overcame physical and emotional obstacles, plus her secret to having a positive outlook on life.

We bet you feel pretty bad about complaining about going to the gym right now, huh? Let this book inspire you to work toward your 2015 goals, whatever they may be!

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