Legendary Chilean band Inti-Illimani Historico was in Cuba recently to record an album celebrating the band's 50 years of existence.

The musicians spent a week recording in a local music studio established by famed Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez. Inti Illimani Historico member, Horacio Duran, said it was exciting to be in Havana.

"Truly we live from the point of view of our work, our life, Inti Illimani Historico - a particularly uplifting moment and what better way to complete or round off that state of exaltation as Horacio Salinas has described. To be here in Cuba doing a job, only thinking about music, only recording and into it without any other life distractions," he said.

The group's album will focus on dance music and will feature work with other artists including Chilean singer Anita Tijoux.


Other artists set to perform on the album include Spaniard Diego El Cigala, Cuban Pancho Amat and Puerto Rican, Eduardo Cabra. The band said it was exciting to return to Cuba after 30 years away from the island.

They took some time for sightseeing and attended a Silvio Rodriguez concert.