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Is Jay-Z exploiting Occupy Wall Street with $22 shirts?

Jay-Z has created a line of 'Occupy Wall Street' inspired T-shirts, retailing at $22.

In what began as a movement protesting petty expenditures, corporate greed and the power of the top 1%, The Occupy Wall Street movement has gained quite a following, with protests sprouting out all over the country. Yet, in a twist of irony, Jay-Z, the multi-media mogul whose net-worth is said to be in the whopping $500 million range, has now created a line of t-shirts inspired by 'Occupy Wall Street,' for his clothing company Rocawear. The shirt comes emblazoned with the slogan "Occupy All The Streets."

Has this outspoken 1%er, who loves to crow about his material success, changed his tune? Is Jay-Z about to start speaking out against the income inequality plaguing America?

Nope. He's just going to make a buck off of it.

If you thought that perhaps you would be supporting Occupy Wall Street by purchasing one of the $22 tees -- don't worry, you won't be. A spokesperson for Rocawear says that 100 percent of the proceeds from the shirts' sales will go to
the apparel company, as Rocawear “have not made an official commitment to
monetarily support the movement.” So, if you want to help the rich get richer, we know the perfect Occupy Wall Street shirt for you.

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