Justin Bieber Justin Bieber instagrammed this photo with a cryptic caption about a mystery girl.
Credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram

Does Justin Bieber have a new girlfriend? Even if he doesn't, he's definitely preoccupied by a certain someone. The singer posted a photo of himself on Instagram looking pensive in the studio, studying his phone with the caption, "Wondering if she's too high maintenance." Cryptic!

Bieber is still cozy with on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez, so he could be wondering — for the millionth time — whether she's worth trying to woo back. He was reportedly heartbroken after their breakup, which he hasn't been shy about, though she seems uninterested in anything other than a friends-with-benefits situation with him. Or, of course, it could be someone entirely new, although he hasn't been linked to anyone in particular lately.


Either way, it's clear Bieber wants to keep people talking.

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