Lindsay Lohan took to her Instagram over the weekend to reveal she’s working on a new fashion line. And oh boy, gird your loins.

The 30-year-old posed coyly with a headscarf covering her head and draped over her mouth with the caption, “New Fashion Line coming soon…” Between this and her claimsthat she was “racially profiled” for wearing a headscarf at Heathrow Airport — yeah, she really said that — I think we can all assume Lilo is probably starting her own line of bedazzled head scarfs for women with questionable political ties. You know, like her.


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The actress, who had a guest role on “Ugly Betty” one time, has been studying Islam and carrying around a copy of the Quran to prove it for a while. Her favorite hobbies are hanging out with her best friend, the president of Turkey, and comparing herself favorably to cartoon princesses on Instagram.

As always, I am beyond words.

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