Selena Gomez, The Weeknd and Bella Hadid are all in Paris right now, and there is a lot of speculation about what exactly might go down.

My guess? Absolutely nothing. Paris is a big city. And technically, these people are adults. Technically.

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According toTMZ, Selena and The Weeknd — aka Abel Tesfaye — were spotted hanging out at their hotel, which is just a hop, skip and casual jog away from the one Bella is staying at. The Weeknd is there for a gig, Bella is there for Paris Fashion Week, and I guess Selena is just hanging out with her boyfriend, as girlfriends do.


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For what it's worth, I believe, truly in my heart, that you are allowed to be in the same city at the same time as your ex. Also, who has time for drama when you're eating the best pastries in the world?

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