full house sequel Sorry kids - there is no "Full House" sequel in the works despite rumors to the contrary.
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Perez Hilton, Broadway World, The Inquisitr and even Yahoo! were abuzz today about a Full House sequel supposedly in the works. It's still a trend on Facebook, with a link that says, "A new 'Full House' series is coming to television!" So is 'Full House 2' really happening? The answer is a resounding no.

Yahoo! has already taken down the post. Gossip site Perez Hilton was the first to break the news, and oddly did not reference its sources or link back when quoting series creator Jeff Franklin.

Searching through Google, one will find an article on Screenrant from earlier this year that discusses a sequel to the beloved '90s show, referencing a Newport Gazette interview with Jeff Franklin. The problem? There doesn't appear to be a Newport Gazette.

Here's the nail in the coffin: If you click on Screenrant's link to the Newport Gazette, it will take you to a gif that says "OMG April Fool!"


Happy April Fools day, seven months late.

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