Tom Cruise on the set of the fifth "Mission Impossible" movie.


Remember those photos of Tom Cruise palling around with a Katie Holmes look-alike? That woman was Cruise’s 22-year-old personal assistant, Emily Thomas, and she might be a lot more than a pal. If rumors are true, Emily is about to become the fourth Mrs. Cruise. (Though we’d rather he take her name and be Mr. Tom Thomas.)

The Daily Mail reports that the actor, 53, is preparing to propose to the British Thomas, who started working for him last year on the set of “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation,” coming out next week. It’s the one where Cruise hangs off the side of a plane as it takes off. The outside. Go watch the trailer.

The rumored couple are also working together on “Mena,” due out next year with Cruise playingdrug smuggler Barry Seal.

One source said, “[A]s his assistant, she makes sure his every need is met.” Which is her job, right?


The Daily Mail also points out that popping the question quickly is nothing new for Cruise. He married Mimi Rogers not long after they met, in 1987, and did the same with Nicole Kidman in 1990. He didn’t marry Holmes right away — though she waspregnant with Suri fairly soon after they started dating.

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