Isaac Hempstead-Wright on how 'Boxtrolls' trumps 'Game of Thrones'

Isaac Hempstead-Wright box trolls movie portrait actor game of thrones bran stark Isaac Hempstead-Wright stars as Eggs in "The Boxtrolls."
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Isaac Hempstead-Wright got his acting break in a little HBO show called "Game of Thrones." As the prophetic Bran Stark, he just completed two seasons' worth of wandering across the hostile north of Westeros — and in a series whose tagline is "Winter is coming," he's had his share of uncomfortable moments.



Compared to that, voicing the orphan Eggs in Laika's new stop-motion animated feature "The Boxtrolls" was a bit easier.


"You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to go and put a tight costume on, and then go through hair and makeup and get a load of dirt on you and then put a wig on, and then go and wait for five hours, and then go on set in the mud and get freezing cold, then wait another hour again whilst they move the shots," he tells Metro.

"It was really nice, you could just get up at 10 in the morning, go down to the studio, nice food there, you don’t have to get into any costume, you sit and you can do it over and over again."

But it wasn't all late mornings and catered lunches; voice work can be a lonely business, though Hempstead-Wright, 15, said he did get to meet Simon Pegg, which was "so cool for me." Elle Fanning got a nod as well, but she wasn't the star of "Hot Fuzz."

And then there was the matter of mastering an entirely different style of acting: "You can’t use your face or your body, so it definitely required a bit more of a sort of a ‘Dramatic!’ kind of voice, where you can be more subtle in TV work."

isaac hempstead-wright eggs the boxtrolls movie laika Isaac Hempstead-Wright voices Eggs in Laika's "The Boxtrolls."

Hempstead-Wright voices a human boy raised in the undergroundworld ofthe Boxtrolls, created by the creative team behind "Coraline" and "ParaNorman." On a visit to Laika's Portland studio, he was stunned by the craftsmanship — a tall order for a "Thrones" veteran.

"The animators are all working on the most precise details: They can’t use real jumpers because the scale will be out, so they have to get specially made ones from far-flung places," hesays."And they have to get gloves from this little Victorian store, and this woman stopped selling to them now because they cut them up."

Not just a family film, "The Boxtrolls" isa story about family. "It’s about accepting people and not about looking at stereotypes, whereas 'Game of Thrones' plays on that."

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