The current golden age of television might have started with the morally fraught, violent world of “The Sopranos,” but the sense that TV shows had become a new art form entirely was solidified by the premiere of “Mad Men” in 2007. The series, an impeccably directed, pristinely costumed look at a group of ad men (and women) in the ‘60s, was the brainchild of Matthew Weiner, who, by the way, also worked on “Sopranos.”


As the series draws to a close this spring, dark, twisted prestige dramas asking big questions about the human condition are more and more common, and there’s little question that the show has influenced that rise. In honor of the ending of one of our favorite shows, we’ve invited Weiner himself in to guest edit this weekend’s edition. Make sure to pick up a copy Friday to read Weiner’s thoughts on the end of his show, and more from the "Mad Men" maestro.


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