Tyrese Gibson isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The actor’s mega-blockbuster “Fast Five” is coming to DVD on Tuesday, and his fifth album, which already has two No. 1 singles, is being released in November. We caught up with the Renaissance man to talk cars, music and the future.

Are you as big as a car buff in the movie as you are in real life?

I love cars. I drive nothing but fast cars. I am real car lover, not just made for TV.

What do you drive?

I drive a few little goodies. I drive a Bentley, Maserati. Sick little bottle rockets.


I heard that you were filmed "Transformers" and “Fast Five” at the same time. Sounds like you were busy!

Yeah. Chicago was where we mainly shot Transformers and Puerto Rico was for Fast and the Furious before we went to Brazil. It was a crazy summer. I was happy that we were able to schedule it out and I really felt good about the process of working on both films, two different beasts. It was a lot of fun. It was one of the best summers of my life.

So did all that traveling make you sick?

You know what? I didn’t get sick once. When I stopped filming both films my body completely shut down. So I am just glad I didn’t get sick during the filming of both. I had the time of my life so I have no complaints, I promise.

Was it stressful doing both movies at the same time?

Not at all. I love it. You love what you do, you don’t connect that to stress.

I heard Michael Bay cast you for the first “Transformers” without even asking you to audition.

Absolutely. I had a relationship with him, we just used to always hang out and party together. He just created the situation for me, so it was just beautiful. Three movies in and over billion dollars worldwide.

In addition to keeping busy with acting, you also have some new music coming out soon.

November 1, “Open Invitation,” my best R&B album to date, is coming 11.1.11.

How do you know this your the best album?

Well because in the past I have had so many different cooks in the kitchen, opinions of songs and what direction my album should be in. I did this album all by myself this time and it’s my labor of love.

“Fast Five” was such a big hit, how are you going to top it?

Well, I don’t really know if the motivation is to top it. I think when it’s time to do “Fast” we just try and have fun and make sure that we stay on the real motivation, which is the fans and their enjoyment. We want everybody leaving feeling like they had a good time, they were able to laugh, [they were] on the edge of their seats and [they] feel like a part of the mission. I really think we accomplished that in “Fast Five.”

So are you saying that there’s a “Fast Six” in the works?

I am saying that there is a Fast Six that is in motion. It’s definitely in motion.

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