Jenny and Drizzy. A new item, or just promoting their new collab?


Ever since J Lo and Drake posed for a cozy selfie backstage at Lopez’s Las Vegas show, rumors have been flying that the two are a new item. Page Six reported that Jenny from the Block cancelled her Miami New Year’s Eve show so she could spend the evening with Drizzy instead, and just this Wednesday, another Instagram dropped showing the two of them getting cozy on a couch. (Rihanna has since unfollowed both accounts.)

While we’re still speculating whether or not they're romantically involved, we now know for sure they're musically involved. TMZ posted a video early this morning of the 47-year-old singer and 30-year-old rapper grinding at the Winter Wonderland Prom in Las Vegas...while their new collaboration plays in the background.

Sounds like good old-fashioned self promotion to us. But you can see — and listen — for yourself:

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