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Jack White attends Cubs game, looks miserable

Jack White went to a Cubs game and got photographed looking really unhappy about it.


Jack White took some time out of his busy schedule to go to a Cubs game, and the results have now been immortalized on the Internet. Why is this notable, you ask? One, because he's wearing a goofy bright blue Cubs t-shirt. And two, because he just looks so gosh-darned miserable about the whole thing. As a lifelong White Sox fan, this is basically the face I would make in this situation, but I'm guessing the camera just caught the guy at a bad moment.

Thankfully, the Internet has rolled with this whole idea pretty quickly. Here's White as the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld:



And Slate's Brow Beat blog added him to other noted sad celebrities, such as sad Keanu and sad zipping Kanye:


Cheer up, Jack! The Cubs were winning that one.

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