Forget “Avatar.” You haven’t really experienced the full glories of 3-D until you’ve seen “Jackass 3D,” the latest movie from ringleader Johnny Knoxville and his crew of stunt-crazy masochists.

It’s a weird and wonderful twist of fate in Hollywood when the low-budget “Jackass” operation manages to go 3-D before a blockbuster franchise like “Harry Potter,” whose producers last week said they couldn’t make a deadline to convert upcoming “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” into 3-D.

“And we didn’t do a conversion — we shot it all in real 3-D,” says “Jackass” co-creator and star Knoxville, “although we resisted at first. But the studio wanted it 3-D. The only difference for us was that all the writing had to be funny in 2-D first.”

“And 3-D can write jokes,” director Jeff Tremaine, told reporters in a news conference. “We did stuff we probably wouldn’t have done in just 2-D.”

And, as we all know, it doesn’t take much encouragement for the “Jackass” crew to attempt potentially dangerous don’t-try-this-at-home stunts.