Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds are working hard to let you know that a. they really enjoyed working together on set of"Life," a new age "Alien" rip off; and b. that they are just so very fond of each other and nothing — not even a desperate plea from Blake Lively herself — will stop them.


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According to Daily Mail, Gyllenhaal, 36, said they were scolded by producers and told that all of their goofing off on set was wasting money. Both Gyllenhaal and Reynolds, 40, found this to be just hilarious. Mmm, there’s nothing quite like a grown man who needs a stern talking to for childish behavior. Sign me up!


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Then, the two hunky brosephs got together with Wired to answer the web’s most searched questions about themselves. Reynolds uses swamp water to style his hair! Gyllenhaal does his own stunts, unless they’re too dangerous — then he doesn’t! They’re having such a great time just laughing with each other and it's notremotely insufferable, I promise.

"Life" comes out on March 24 and is not based on the cereal or the board game.