James Franco and Seth Rogen took a bunch of naked pictures together

BFFs James Franco and Seth Rogen had a little naked weekend photoshoot together.

James Franco and Seth Rogen getting ready to be "Naked and Afraid." James Franco and Seth Rogen getting ready to be "Naked and Afraid."


Seth Rogen and James Franco had a busy weekend hanging out together. Literally, hanging out, together. Franco posted a few pictures of himself and Rogen cavorting around naked to his Instagram feed yesterday, and used the phrase "Naked and Afraid" in the caption, leading to speculation the duo is going to appear on the Discovery Channel's show of the same name. For those not in the know, the show generally features one man and one woman who don't know each other being left in the wilderness, naked, and struggling to survive together for 21 days without resources. So they're cheating at the show on both fronts, since they're both dudes and they know each other, but somehow we're guessing that isn't going to stop people from watching whatever this turns out to be.





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