South By Southwest Film Festival - Day 3


Is James Franco reporting a crime? Or is this just another chapter in The Fourth-Wall-Blurring Life of James Franco?


The multitalented star/performance artist posted a video of himself on Instagram on Saturday lying shirtless in bed. "What's up," he growls sleepily. "Got drugged last night. Somebody slipped me something. In bed." End video.


Is he serious? Very little that Franco says or does in public is in earnest. He does seem very slurred and squinty in the video, though, as though he's recovering from intoxication. Of course, this is Franco. He's kind of always like that. Besides, the way he kind of purses his lips at the end like "Eh, what are you gonna do" suggests that he's not taking this purported drugging very seriously.


If he is just kidding around, though, I don't think I get the joke.

Maybe Franco's just getting one last bit of performance art out of his system before buckling down for Broadway. Franco will star in "Of Mice and Men" in 2014 alongside Chris O’Dowd and Leighton Meester — marking Broadway debuts for all three — in a production directed by Tony Award winner Anna D. Shapiro (“August: Osage County”).