Channel 5

Details about "Top Gear" host Jeremy Clarkson's suspension are finally trickling out after the BBC suspended him earlier this week after a "fracas."

Clarkson reportedly punched a producer, who has been with the show for 10 years, over a catering problem. The incident led to the BBC pulling the last three episodes in the current season of "Top Gear."

​​When Britain's Channel 5 showed up on "Top Gear" co-host James May's doorstep to ask for comment, he added some context to the story — and stuck up for his longtime colleague. "He's a knob, but I quite like him," May tells the reporter.

As far as what he remembers about the incident? "Not very much — I was blind drunk."


Sounds like he's among the more than 753,000 the people so farpetitioning to #BringBackClarkson.

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