This won't be awkward at all. Getty Images

I'm just going to get the whole "not even if he was the last man on earth" joke out of the way now. There. It's done. So: "Last Man on Earth" star Will Forte and his co-star January Jones havereportedly broken up after five months of dating, according to Us Weekly. And while they were both at the Emmys Sunday night — with Forte making a hilarious cameo in Andy Samberg's opening number — the split apparently happened last month. Apparently there were no awkward run-ins at the ceremony or after-parties, so there's that, at least.

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As for why they couldn't make it work, it's less to do with bridging the comedy and drama divide, apparently. A source spills that single mom Jones has been telling friends, "Relationships are a pain in the ass." Sure, but Forte seems so chill. As a side note, isn't it super awkward when you find out a couple are dating by hearing about their breakup?

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