orgasm wars japan "Orgasm Wars" pits contestants against each other as one tries to make the other have an orgasm.
Credit: Daily Motion

Japanese game shows seem to be getting more and more outrageous. On "Orgasm Wars," the premise is to give a gay man 40 minutes to bring a straight man to climax. Here's a link to the very NSFW video.

The wacky late night show is somewhat modest in that the actual action and nudity are contained in a box. ("It's a d– in a box," anyone?) The blush-worthy show also features university students at the sidelines, cheering on the action.

In this particular episode, Ryou Sawai meets his opponent Takuya and tells him he is sure he will not come. He even insults Takuya's looks while he's at it. Meanwhile, Takuya answers that he has had "100 percent success" in getting the job done.

In typical polite Japanese fashion, the two bow to each other as they begin the challenge. Who was right? Takuya or Sawai? Find out in this horrifying video.


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