NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 25:  Jason Segel visits 'The Opie & Anthony Show' at SiriusXM Studios on April 25, 2012 in New York City.  (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images) Don't worry, Jason Segel's mom: He's fully clothed in this picture. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)


Jason Segel's nude scene in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was big news even before the movie came out. Film buffs knew that buy purchasing a ticket to the film, they were also getting a ticket to Segel parading his junk around. However, one viewer was caught entirely by surprise: Segel's mom.


Jason Segel wrote "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" as well as starring in it, so Mrs. Segel had no one to blame but her own son. That did little to take the edge off the traumatic experience: Segel tells Vanity Fair that the famous nude scene made his mom cry.


After she'd recovered from the initial shock, Mrs. Segel decided to make sure others did not go into the experience unprepared as she had. She sent out a mass email to friends and family that read,“I would like to inform you all that Jason has chosen to do full-frontal nudity, however, it is not gratuitous and is essential to the plot.”


Which is pretty generous, really. I am quite certain that if I made my mom watch a movie that featured my junk, she would be too upset to track whether it was essential to the plot or not.