Despite what he may say in "Empire State of Mind" about his proud NYC roots, Jay-Z is apparently packing up Beyonce and Blue Ivy and hightailing it to Southern California. In fact, it looks like Brooklyn's First Family has already departed. According to TMZ, Jay-Z and Beyonce have already enrolled baby Blue in a fancy $15,000 a year private school and are living out of a Beverly Hills hotel while they shop for real estate. Wait, does anyone find it odd that they didn't already own at least some piece of property in L.A.?


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The couple is reportedly after a "change in lifestyle," but who knows? Maybe this year the harsh winter finally got to them. ​Of course, they're not the first famous people to make the cross-continental move, but still. Some might argue Jay-Z represents a certain New York-ness, a quintessential Brooklyn pride, so yeah, this one might sting a little more. We're here if you need to talk about it.


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