Solange attacks Jay Z in elevator Beyonce stands there Credit: TMZ

In perhaps an unspoken message to let us know that we will never, ever, ever know what is up with the Knowles-Z clan, Jay Z and Solange Knowles calmly shopped for jewelry together in Manhattan on Tuesday, just days after Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Gala.

The rap mogul and his 100th problem were spotted at Mr. Flawless, a high-end jewelry store, according to TMZ. The pair browsed women's jewelry for about 20 minutes, mostly separately. They spoke little to each other and left without buying anything.

It would take remarkable self-possession to calmly go on a shopping trip with someone who tried to put a stiletto heel through your eye just days earlier. Maybe Jay Z just wants his peaceful home life back, so he's trying to forge a truce. Or maybe they're both trying to get back in Beyonce's good graces with a sparkly peace offering. Or maybe it's Blue Ivy who's pulling all the strings here, and they have to bring her diamond-encrusted baby rattles or else.


Jay Z isn't the only one who's trying to publicly reinforce his relationship with Solange: The day after Solange deleted a picture of herself and Beyonce from the Met Ball, Beyonce filled her Instagram with pictures of the sisters hanging out in happier times.

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