Jennifer Aniston has attended many award ceremonies and walked down many a red carpet and we’ve been with her for every single one.

We've also been with her for every man she's brought with her onto the red carpet. It's been a roller coaster of emotions, okay?

There are so many eras of Aniston on the red carpet that it’s really hard to think of one in particular that really stands out.

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The infamous 90s era Anniston with her “Rachel” hair cut and insistence on wearing really horrible looking gowns really could be our "love to hate it" era.


Then there’s her extended period with then boyfriend and then husband Brad Pitt where you can totally tell Aniston started making enough money to invest in a stylist. Thank god.

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Aniston’s more recent looks (and men) have certainly taken on a more refined and more experienced look and we're so into it.

What will Aniston wear to Sunday’s Golden Globes? It’s really anybody’s guess but we know Justin Theroux will be on her arm to compliment her look.

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