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Jennifer Lawrence falls: A history in GIFs

Jennifer Lawrence fell at the Oscars - again. Here's a history of her awards show gaffes in gifts.

jennifer lawrence falls Credit: Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence fell at the Oscars — again. Lawrence was doing turns on the red carpet in her stunning, form-fitting Dior gown with a peplum detail when she walked away from the camera and tripped, grabbing a bystander in the process. In classic, cool girl J. Law fashion, she got back up and laughed it off, grabbing her friends as she laughed hysterically.

jennifer lawrence fall 2013 Credit: Oscars

Lawrence famously fell last year as well, when she tripped up the steps accepting her best actress Oscar for "Silver Linings Playbook." That wasn't her only awards show gaffe, either.


jennifer lawrence rips dress Credit: SAG Awards

Last year, Lawrence had a major wardrobe malfunction when her dress ripped during the 2013 SAG Awards. Luckily for Lawrence, she quickly covered up the peekaboo moment by throwing herself into the arms of Robert De Niro as she accepted her award. Is this all a coincidence or do we smell a conspiracy here? Is J. Law just trying to make herself even more relatable? There's no way one person could trip up so many times in a year and a half, right?

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